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Oval-8® Finger Splints are excellent finger orthosis to treat mallet finger, swan neck and boutonniere deformities, trigger finger and trigger thumb, lateral deviation, fractures, arthritis, and hypermobility (EDS). 

Available in 14 sizes the Oval-8 Finger Splint is simple to fit and comfortable to wear for acute or long term use. The open 3-point pressure design allows the splints to treat multiple conditions and can be adjusted for a custom fit in seconds. Packaged for convenient use in any size clinic or treatment setting.


Product Features

- Molded plastic splints have broad bands and rounded edges for comfort
- Each splint has adjustable sizing built right in to accommodate mild edema or changes in finger size due to swelling, temperature change or time of day
- Open-air design keeps skin clean and dry
- Waterproof splints can be worn in water when washing hands, showering or swimming
- Comfortable and effective splints take seconds to fit
- Made of 1/16" (16mm), high-temperature polypropylene
- Oval-8 splints can be adjusted with a heat gun for a small angle alteration
- Each Oval-8 finger splint fits both a full and a half ring size
- Oval-8 splints feature a wide, flat band for comfortable pressure distribution and control
- Available in 14 sizes

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