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If you have sacro-iliac joint pain, the 3S strap stabilizes the S-I joint so you can comfortably maintain mobility in your daily activities. Unlike some low back supports, the 3S strap doesn't weaken abdominal muscles with extended wear. Even patients suffering from discomfort in the L5 region can find this an effective support. Also great for mid-pregnancy pain related to posture changes and a shifting pelvis.

Product Features:
  • Strong non-elastic band with 2 elastic side-pulls
  • Anti-slip lining holds strap in place
  • Can be worn under or over clothing
  • Lower profile than lumbo-sacral supports
  • Physiotherapist recommended
  • Available in SM MD LG XL

Sizing Guide
Small <34"

Medium 34"- 39"

Large 39"- 45"

Extra Large 45"- 51"

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