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The Med Spec Boxer Splint is designed to comfortably support fractures of the fourth or fifth metacarpal.

Features & Benefits:

  • Malleable palmar and dorsal aluminum stays are easily bent to immobilize the patient's hand in the desired position.
  • Molded plastic clamshell design protects and supports the fourth and fifth metacarpals without restricting the flexion of the MP joints.
  • Polypropylene felt liner provides superb padding and allows moisture to evaporate away from the skin.
  • Metacarpal closure strap features our patented V-Strap Retention System that prevents the strap from sliding out of the plastic buckle when applying or removing the splint.
  • US manufacturing: higher quality control standards
Sizing Guide                                   
Size Wrist Circ.


4 1/2" - 5 3/4"
Medium 5 1/2" - 7"
Large 7" - 8 1/4"
X-Large 8 1/4" - 9 1/2"

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